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Enter / Do not enter

I do feel intimidated by the sales people in luxury fashion stores. Don't you? I keep telling myself: walk in with confidence, ask the older assistants for help and don’t be shy to try on those fabulous handbags. Do ask for prices, it is natural, price tags are normally concealed in the internal zip pocket.
Some shoppers may get dressed up to shop, trying to show that they have money to spend. No matters what you wearing, you should be helped - most people who are very wealthy do not dress up to shop.

Let’s not forget, in Europe most of the sales associates regard their career as demanding and badly paid. Could this be the reason for not paying much attention to customer service?

Training the front-line employees who represent the company is essential. The frontline employee is where the company meets the customer. The organization depends on their service quality, productivity and passion to meet the needs of the luxury customers. How can this be true if most of the sales associates regard their career as demanding and badly paid.

Here few examples found on the internet:
Sales Assistant - London Knightsbridge Luxury Shop - £18,000PA
Assistant Manager - Luxury Retailer - Central London - £ 21,000PA
Store Manager - Luxury fashion brand – Central London - To £23,000 + BONUS

Average salaries, in the capital, are £30,000 PA. Clearly, front-line employee are paid less than the national average. When you are a Retail Operation Director for a Luxury Company, earning way above the average, it is easy to forget that your salary comes from the effort, passion, and love for the brand of those people there in the shop.


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